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IT & Social Media

This course gives you the opportunity to develop your computer skills, in a small group, in our own IT room.  We give training on a wide range of software applications, including:

  • Internet browsing
  • Word processing
  • Drawing & graphics
  • Photography and video
  • Music
  • Games and entertainment

We will help you to learn how to safely use the internet and teach you how to access  relevant information for their own interests and projects.

We can provide customised tuition for specific needs and have been able to support a partially sighted individual.

Skills  practised in this course are very useful and transferable to other courses at Scotts, such as Journalism, Arts & Craft or Music.

This course will help you to develop important skills and give you greater independence, including :

  • Literacy and communications
  • Letter writing
  • Finding out information
  • Following instructions and logic
  • Filling in forms and dealing with outside organisations
  • Money and finance
  • Internet shopping

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