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These fun-packed sessions enable you to increase your fitness and improve mobility.  Many different dance styles and genres of music are introduced and participants can work in groups or free dance themselves  as suits their own needs and aspirations.

Dance boosts self confidence and helps you to get a better understanding of how your body works. You will learn about rhythm, timing and co-ordination. We encourage you to start with warm up exercises, physical and mental, which help to expand imagination and horizons.

Dance is a fundamental part of our drama sessions as well.  You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to star in our own shows – such as the annual pantomime – and to participate in dance shows at venues outside Scotts. 

This course will help you to develop important skills and give you greater independence, including:

  • Working with others – co-operation, consideration and general social skills
  • Personal well-being and health
  • Counting and numerical skills






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