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We have teamed up with the University of Kent’s Design Volunteers Project, which helps organisations like Scotts, to use the expertise of a University graphic designer student. It’s a great way for someone to learn more about the community and the design needs of their chosen charity and help produce new logos, branding, posters, brochures etc..

JoshPictured:  Rosanna, Katie, James, Josh (at the back) and Dan.

We have been lucky enough to work alongside Josh Hilton, a student from the University of Kent, to develop designs for a brand refresh, update the look of our website and our printed material. 

Josh from Crowborough, joined our Development Centre session and was quizzed by our Scotts team of eager and enthusiastic interviewers. The guys came up with their own questions for Josh in a bid to get to know him better and made him feel super welcome and there were lots of giggles. We started the interview with the most important thing to our guys….a cup of tea.

Let’s see how he got on…

Alison: How did you hear about Scotts?

Josh: My Grandad actually knows Jill Scott the founder of Scotts. He was a local hairdresser. Years ago he did a fashion show fundraiser here in the Delarue Hall, so it was easy to make this my chosen charity to work with.

Alison: How can we show in more detail what we do here at Scotts and what did you think of our previous logo design?

Josh: Engaging on the web is really important in order to allow a project like yours to grow and spread the word about the the great work you do. I think we needed to liven up the logo design, you’re a lively bunch and I think it’s important to show that through my design project.

Dan: What do you think of our current website?

Josh: It’s a bit old fashioned…

Dan: Watch it Josh!

Josh: Ok, it needs sprucing up a bit!

Michael: Do you like working on a computer and what inspired you?

Josh: I did a course in computer science and I got into design from that.

Rebecca: What music do you like?

Josh: I like a lot of music actually.

Katie: Can you DJ?

Yes I can

Everyone: Woooooooo!!!

Josh (our Josh): We have the same name, we are twins! What are your thoughts on social media?

Josh: Social media is a great way to help connect with people outside of the project, raise awareness and gain more funding and support. Everyone is online nowadays, I think it’s important to engage with your audiences and keep up to date, keep things fresh!

James: Who is your favourite actor?

Josh: errrrm…

Dan: is it me?

Josh: Well I haven’t seen you act yet…I like Tom Hardy.

Rosanna: Oh me too!

Alex: What are your hobbies and do you have any pets?

Josh: My hobbies are gaming, playing the xbox, going out and producing music. I’ve also got a cat and 2 dogs, toy poodles.

Greer: Ok Josh, I’ve got a question for you… How’s your cooking?

Josh: I’m a bit rusty on my cooking skills to be honest.

Tania: What TV shows do you like?

Josh: Only fools and Horses!!

Everyone: Yes!!!!!

Our Josh: Rodney, you plonker!

Laughs from everyone

Rosanna: Thank you so much for coming to visit us Josh (everyone claps and cheers) it’s been amazing getting to know you and I think the guys have really enjoyed it (more claps and woops!) I love that the logo refresh has a fresh approach, what gave you the idea to have a butterfly?

Josh: Yeah I got inspired by the artwork that you guys made in the art sessions, a lot of butterflies. It represents growth and development and that’s what you guys are about, so I felt it fits well! Thanks for having me, it’s been great meeting you all.

As you can see the guys really enjoyed this one, writing and discussing the questions with each other was a great team building exercise. Josh was charmed and well looked after. A huge thank you to Josh and the guys at the University of Kent.

Rosanna and the Scotts Team.

To see some of the work produced by the students at West Kent College, visit their Pinterest site:

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