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BBC 'Call the Midwife'

It’s been a very exciting time for us here at Scotts. Some of our students have used their talents in acting and were featured in the BBC drama Call the Midwife!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you still have time! Visit BBC IPlayer online to check out Episode 5 -

It features the young vulnerable “Reggie” who captures Fred and Violet’s hearts. This was a truly moving drama, with heartfelt acting and fab direction from Lisa Clarke.

We interviewed Tommy, Chris and Helen who had parts in the recent episode of Call the Midwife (Rebecca and Chloe were also in this episode but were not present for the interview) – This is what they had to say….


Dawn: How did you come to be in Call the Midwife?

Tommy: I belong to an agency called Vis Able and we do photoshoots then a lady called Elaine Harris who has connections with Scotts, thought myself and the others would be suitable for the roles and put us up for it.

Joel:  Did you have to audition for the role?

Chris:  There was no audition, we got offered the part and started filming!

Tommy:  I had to wear braces, I looked dapper from that era!

JJ:  Can you tell us the difference between being an extra and the lead role:

Tommy:  An extra creates a scene in the background, supports the lead cast– I was apple picking, but extra’s do not have any lines.

Rosanna:  Did you get to meet the cast?

Helen:  Yes, I met Cliff Parisi, he was charming and a really good actor.

Dan:  What were you doing in the garden when you were filming?

Helen:  I had some killer high heels on, I could not even walk in them on the grass!

Chris:  I was gardening by the greenhouse, me and Helen were with the basket.

Tommy:  As an extra I had to improvise gardening.

JJ:  Were you nervous?

Tommy:  No!

Helen:  Not one bit!

Claire:  How many times have you watched it?

Tommy:  Three times.

Helen:  Me and my brother rewound it six times!

Chris:  It was filmed at Chatham Dock Yard fantastic, it was my first time for me and Helen filming for TV.

Helen:  I’ve never been on TV before.

James:  Who’s your favourite character?

Helen:  Cliff!

Cliff is obviously a very popular actor amongst the cast! For those of you who don’t watch it he played “Minty” in Eastenders. Call the Midwife is a great television drama to watch, well written, it has real charm.  We enjoyed it slightly more seeing our talented professional guys acting so well and I am sure you will too.

From all the service users and staff at Scotts we want to say a massive well done to the Call the Midwife cast. You guys did a grand job and we are all very proud of you!

Rosanna, Tania, Alison and Team Scotts.

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