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Scotts Development Centre Day Services

The Day Services at the Scotts Project Trust are intended to help you achieve their goals and aspirations to live your life to the full. Scotts aims to do this by promoting your well being and providing you with the practical and social tools to do this through well planned and supported activities. All of the activities offered cover different ways of working towards your goals in an enjoyable and friendly environment. The Day Services described below give an outline of the opportunities available but please contact the Centre for further details and to arrange a Taster Day. 


Life Skills 

Personal, social, domestic and community skills are encouraged through discussion, worksheets, on line activities and games. Topics might include making personal choices, managing money, basic maths, health and safety, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, food hygiene, appropriate behaviour, cooking and creative crafts. We keep this course flexible so that we can adapt it from time to time to take into consideration any areas of particular interest to the group. 


This course enables you to participate in all the activities of producing plants and growing vegetables in our own attractive gardens.  We have a number of dedicated vegetable patches, a greenhouse and a potting shed. 

Catering Skills 

This course is very practical and it teaches you  how to plan a meal, select your ingredients, prepare and cook healthy menus. There is an emphasis on the importance of healthy eating and what makes up a balanced diet; we use quizzes and puzzles to add to the variety of learning approaches. 

Jobs Unlimited 

This course has nature and the environment at its heart but also provides unlimited opportunities for you to carry out useful tasks to help the smooth running of Scotts and contribute to society. For example, you might carry out health & safety checks around the site, participate in nature watch programmes and learn first aid techniques. 

Healthy Living and Relaxation 

These sessions are designed to show you how to follow healthy lifestyles by developing an understanding of how the body works and the importance of good diet, exercise and teaching massage and relaxtion. 


These very popular sessions will help you to gain self-confidence through self-expression in music, movement, dance and song. You will learn about the history and culture of dance, commedy and theatre. We often put on performances either in our own hall or in community spaces and these provide an opportunity for you to be on the stage or help in valuable backstage roles. 

Arts and Crafts 

Do you love to paint and draw? This course provides the chance to draw and paint and experiment with different colours, textures and techniques. We also explore the lives and works of famous artists and use this knowledge to enhance your own creativity.

You will make items for special events throughout the year for example, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.


This is a wide ranging course is designed to give you the chance to gain an extensive knowledge of music in a practical and relaxed environment. You will learn about different styles of music, cultures, composers, instruments and have the opportunity to try and to play different instruments (keyboard, drums, percussion, guitar, etc.). Music is at the heart of other courses like dance and drama and our own productions at Scotts and in the community 


These fun-packed sessions are a chance for you to increase your fitness and improve mobility.  Many different dance styles and types  of music are introduced and you will be given the opportunity to learn set dance routines as well as free dance expression time.

IT/Social Media/Journalism

This course enables you to stay in touch with current affairs and learn about the world today, looking at a wide range of media – papers, radio & TV, internet, they discuss topical stories, share opinions and learn about what makes a great story. The Journalism group produces our quarterly Scotts News full colour magazine and is involved in all aspects of its production. The group also maintains a distribution database and pack the magazine ready for distribution. We give training on a wide range of software applications so you can learn how to make the most of your computer skills.

Friendship and Faith 

This session is designed to help you understand social relationships and everyday situations through stories, role play, quizzes etc. You will also help to organise the ‘Mini Morning Celebrates’ during the year as well as helping to organise charity projects, for example, the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. 


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